Advantages of Propane Space Heating

There are many benefits to using propane as a fuel source. Consumers enjoy the cost savings and energy efficient properties of propane. Home builders can also benefit from offering propane in the new construction that they build. Home buyers will be more likely to contract your services to build the home of their dreams if they know that you offer propane in the homes that you build.

Propane offers many benefits that you can pass on to your home buyers. First is the ability to heat and power their homes cheaply. Propane is one of the cheapest sources of energy available to consumers. And consumers will not only see the savings on their energy bills, they will be able to take advantage of many financial incentives that are available to consumers who use propane. These incentives come in many forms. There are rebates and incentives available from federal and local governments to home owners who build new homes that use propane. There are also rebates and incentives available to buyers of appliances and devices that use propane as a power source, such as furnaces, heat pumps, washers, dryers and other small appliances.

Propane is also efficient. When consumers use an electric furnace, they are forced to adjust the temperature on their thermostat and then wait for what seems an eternity for the furnace to catch up with them and heat the home to a reasonable temperature. Many consumers report that a home heated by electricity just doesn’t feel as warm as a home heated by gas. Occupants walk around wrapped in blankets and heavy socks all winter. A home heated by gas feels warmer and more comfortable to the occupants. When you adjust the thermostat in a home that is heated by propane, that propane furnace responds to your actions immediately. When you want to warm your home, the furnace kicks on and immediately begins distributing hot air to the areas of the home that need it the most. A propane furnace or heat pump allows a homeowner to control and regulate the temperature throughout their home with no hassle or waiting.

Propane can save customers money in other areas as well. On average, propane appliances last 50-100% longer than their electric counterparts. This can save thousands of dollars for homeowners during the time they own their homes. Propane appliances are more efficient – a gas stove or oven cooks food faster and distributes heat more evenly throughout the food. A gas clothes dryer can dry clothes in about half the time it takes an electric dryer to do the same job. A gas water heater costs about half as much to operate as an electric water heater, and a gas water heater will last around 20 years before needing replaced.

By offering homes with propane service, you can give your buyers peace of mind and allow them to power their homes cheaply and efficiently. Propane is clean, cost-efficient and gives home buyers the things they need to support their daily lifestyles, such as on-demand hot water and the ability to control the temperature in their homes. Your buyers will be more comfortable and happy that they chose propane, and your profits will increase as a result.

Posted on Wednesday, May 1, 2013
By: Hank Griffis

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Safety Tips

Tip 5: Don't run out of gas!

Serious safety hazards, such as fire or explosion can result. If your storage tank gets empty or depleted, air and moisture can enter. This can cause a build-up of rust inside the tank. Rust can decrease the concentration of the odor of propane, making it harder to smell. If your propane tank runs out of gas, any pilot lights on your appliances will go out. This can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly.