New Griffis Gas Wheelin' & HEALin' truck helping raise HEAL funds

Ditch the electric stove

Have you seen the new Griffis Gas truck? The Wheelin' & HEALin' truck is helping raise funds to Heal Every Autistic Life in Northeast FL!

Did you know that there are one in 50 US children with Autism, and one in 140 cannot speak?

Technology has had a significant impact on boosting communication, and iPads have become a revolutionary tool in teaching children with Autism. Not only do tablets help students communicate, but these children finally get a "voice” to express themselves and let their personalities shine.

HEAL pledges to provide iPads for Special Needs classrooms in schools across northeast Florida and Your donations will directly support iHEAL and the Autism Community. Donate today and Griffis Gas will match your donation to the HEAL Foundation up to their annual goal of $10,000!

Have questions about propane gas in the home, propane gas installation or other related services? Contact Griffis Gas for a free quote and you might see the Wheelin’ & HEALin’ truck pulling up to your residence!

About The HEAL Foundation: The HEAL Foundation is a local non-profit organization in Northeast Florida. Through grants HEAL supports organizations serving those with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The Foundation serves as an outreach organization providing, educational programs and camps tailored to the needs of our Autism Community.

Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2017
By: Hank Griffis

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